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6 May 2020

Dear Residents and families,

This week our Governors outlined their roadmaps to safely reopen Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The road will likely not be a straight line. We will make changes along the way. Our States are expecting an increase in cases over the next few weeks. So, our best approach is to continue using good universal precautions at home and at work. Keep wearing your face mask as needed, keep washing your hands for 20 seconds, and be cautious in stores and public spaces following social distancing guidelines.

Across all campuses, nearly thirty residents and team members have been tested since mid-March. This includes skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living residents, and team members

  • Two independent living residents have tested positive. One was quarantined in her home and has recovered (Greencroft Goshen).  The second was admitted to the hospital for about ten days and is now in one of our skilled COVID-19 units (Golden Years).
  • Two employees in the Golden Years assisted living building tested positive for the virus. One was admitted to the hospital and the other is being cared for at home.
  • Of the remaining nearly 30, team members and residents tested, none others have tested positive.

We continue to provide a safe environment for our team members to work in. As a part of our effort to provide for them during this time we have added the following benefits:

  • Expanded sick time coverage for those with the virus
  • Expanded supply of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • A dedicated COVID-19 Unit or area, which will have the necessary supplies to provide good care for residents in need
  • Critical Care Pay for direct care staff that provide care in the COVID-19 unit or area
  • Expanded Employee Assistance services to providing counseling and referral services to address any of our team members concerns and worries 

These are very challenging times for all of us, both at work and at home. Over the next several weeks, as we follow the governors’ road maps, we’ll remain diligent in keeping you and your families safe. Thank you for living with us and for trusting us in this way.

We know these are hard times. We ask that you keep following our Governors’ guidance. Know that your loved ones in our healthcare and assisted living settings are cared for by loving, compassionate team members. We know you want to be there with them. We can all look forward to the day when it is safe to be together again. Thank you for working with us to provide a safe place.


Mark King
President & CEO