Greencroft Goshen Stories

'The staff are so knowledgeable and compassionate'

Greencroft Goshen Therapy PatientJane Sears with Shirley Toledo PT

"My doctor recommended therapy to help with my knee pain and my arm from a fall that resulted in breaking my arm this past December. After therapy the pain in my knee has decreased, and my arm continues healing and has no pain. I have gained flexibility and strength back in my arm and will continue my exercises at home to get stronger. The therapy here is a happy place and the therapists are all encouraging."




Marilyn Morris with Shirley Toledo PTGreencroft Goshen Therapy Patient

"While vacationing in Hawaii, I fell and broke my left hip and spent a week in the hospital and ten days in a rehab facility there. Returning back home, I came to Greencroft Goshen for rehab. In the past, I had heard many stories of how painful and unpleasant therapy can be. My experience is certainly different. Although the therapists encouraged me to do my best, at no point was I pushed beyond what I was comfortable with. When I first came here, I was in a wheelchair and could only walk a few feet with my walker. From the very first therapy session, I could see improvement. The staff are so knowledgeable and compassionate. My improvement has been incredible. Today, I am able to walk with no assistance, using a cane only for safety’s sake when I leave home. I highly encourage others to choose Greencroft Goshen for therapy."  


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