Greencroft Goshen Stories

I believe in my own ability and the strength to get better

Theresa Miller: pictured with Kevin Eby, PTA and Samantha Hursey, COTA

"I fell down stairs and fractured my right ankle in two places and had a quad tendon rupture on my left leg. After having surgery on both legs, I needed rehab, and Greencroft Goshen was close to home. I was not physically in good shape when I came here, no weight bearing on either leg."  

"The therapists were encouraging me from the start and helped me to get stronger daily so I would be ready to take my first steps. I am now able to leave here with the confidence that I am strong enough to take care of myself with some assistance. My strength and endurance has improved every day. All of the therapists here:  Kevin, Samantha, Toni, Loren, Colleen, Shirley, Jeff, Sheila and Jon worked hard with all of us here in a caring and compassionate way. I am looking forward to going home but I will miss their stories and humor – that is priceless!" 

"I highly recommend that if you need to be in a facility for inpatient therapy, Greencroft Goshen is a wonderful place to be. I am so grateful for everything they have done to help me get to where I am today. They have turned my trauma around and made it possible for me to believe in my own ability and the strength to get better." 

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