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Wings of Joy: A Special Flight for Liili Soomre

At Greencroft Communities, we believe in going the extra mile to bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of our residents. This heartwarming story is a testament to the dedication of our staff, the power of friendships, and the magic of fulfilling dreams. Corrine Coppotelli, one of our part-time Home Care Attendants, went above and beyond to create a truly special experience for Liili Soomre, an Independent Living resident in Manor III who is living with early-stage dementia.

Greencroft Goshen Resident Liili SoomreLiili Soomre, a spirited resident with a captivating life story, faced increased social isolation and difficulties managing her housekeeping due to her early-stage dementia. Concerned for her well-being, Jan Folkmire, Liili’s Power of Attorney and dear friend, reached out to Greencroft Communities last year, paving the way for Corrine to step in as Liili’s Home Care Attendant, providing essential housekeeping and laundry services. What makes this story truly remarkable is the bond that formed between Corrine and Liili. They’ve spent the past year developing a warm and genuine friendship.

Liili’s life is a testament to resilience and determination. She hails from Estonia and has vivid memories of growing up in refugee camps. In the United States, she pursued her passion for graphic art and even earned a pilot’s license, flying small private planes. Liili’s life experiences are a treasure trove of stories, and she loves sharing them with Corrine.

Greencroft Goshen Resident Liili SoomreThis is how Corrine, ever attentive to Liili’s interests and dreams, discovered that Liili had a deep love for flying. She also learned that a pilot friend of hers at the Goshen Municipal Airport was willing to help take Liili on a flight - something that would be a dream come true for Liili. With the full support and blessing of Greencroft Communities, Corrine arranged for a donated airplane ride for Liili.

On a beautiful day, Liili’s friend and POA, Jan, transported her to the airport, where excitement filled the air. The moment Liili stepped into the small private plane, her eyes sparkled with joy.  As the plane took off, soaring into the boundless blue sky, Liili’s smile grew wider with each passing moment. The experience was nothing short of glorious, and Liili was living a dream she had cherished for years.

At Greencroft Communities, we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each resident and creating moments that truly matter. Corrine’s dedication and Liili’s inspiring life story remind us that connections, dreams, and friendships are the true treasures in our community. Liili’s flight was not just a journey in the sky but a testament to the power of compassion, determination, and the magic of fulfilling dreams. We look forward to many more moments of joy and fulfillment as we continue to serve and care for our remarkable residents.

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