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  • Too bad it's not in your diet...<br />Happy Birthday!
    Birthday Cake
  • All year to make it come true!<br />Happy Birthday!
    Birthday Wish
  • The balloon says it all. <br />Hope you feel better.
    Get Well Balloon
  • Hope you get well soon!
    Get Well - Cold
  • Thinking of you.
    Religious Blessing
  • ...and giving you strength.
    Butterfly Thoughts
  • Sending this bouquet to brighten up your day!
    Get Well Bouquet
  • Hope you are up and about soon!
    Feelin' Fuzzy?
  • Keep the faith, I am here for you!
    This Too Shall Pass
  • May your day be both.
    Happy and Bright
  • Remember that we are thinking of you.
  • It's just me thinking of you.