Walnut Hills Celebrating 50 Years

Walnut Hills Retirement Community is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021.

While hard work, openness to new ideas, and careful planning have all played a big part in Walnut Hills meeting the 50-year milestone in June, many would agree the most important factor in the success of Walnut Hills has been the individuals who have given their time and talents toward serving our residents and their families.

Our Walnut Hills’ team members continue to reflect the values of our community and believe in the faith-based, service-oriented mission of the organization.

A commitment to excellent care and services has been a constant at Walnut Hills, starting in 1971 with our founders, Levi and Lillis Troyer.

“From the very beginning in 1971, we felt one of our highest callings as faith-based owners and leaders was to make sure our associates (team members) experienced meaning and fulfillment at Walnut Hills,” said Levi Troyer, founder of Walnut Hills.  

While we can’t quote a specific number of individuals who have been employed by Walnut Hills over the past 50 years, we know it’s in the hundreds, and maybe the thousands. The compassion and dedication to meeting the needs of others cannot be questioned, and the exceptional care and commitment to service cannot be rivaled. 

Today, the mission of Walnut Hills remains focused on being kind, respectful, and caring while also extending grace. Walnut Hills is still all about people and relationships.

“Lillis and I and our family will forever be grateful to Greencroft Communities for partnering with Walnut Hills to continue following the core values and faith commitment we felt so strongly about from the beginning,” added Troyer. “Walnut Hills has always been about loving, caring, and dedicated people.”

As we move into the future, we believe our team will continue to meet needs and touch lives every day as we serve.

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