Walnut Hills Stories

Tom and Peggy Find their Home on a Trip

God moves in mysterious ways!

During a trip to Walnut Creek in 2013, Peggy and Tom drove past a road sign advertising Walnut Hills Retirement Community. Looking at one another they said, "let's go find this place!"

Then and there, they followed the signs. Upon driving up and taking a look around, they were already intrigued. They went inside and asked for more information.

"We looked over the information, we prayed, and then we made an appointment to make an official visit," Peggy says. She says she walked through the front door, looked at the big picture window, and said, "This is what I want."

Things after that fell in place. Walnut Hills worked with Tom and Peggy as they figured out how to sell their house and make the move up north. Peggy and Tom have joyfully called Walnut Hills home for nearly five years now.

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