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Nurse brings compassion as the link to outside

As the pandemic rages, Sadie Urbanski, a registered nurse at Oak Grove Christian Retirement Village in DeMotte, worries about the effects of the coronavirus. But it’s not for her own health and safety; instead, her concerns focus on the people in her care.

“There are so many things going on now that are so hard for them, such as no one can visit, which is very lonely for our patients,” says Urbanski, who was chosen a top nurse in the Region by peer review. “Also, our patients are used to participating in group activities and being able to do things together, and now they need to stay 6 feet apart.

"Some don’t really understand why their families aren’t there and why there are all these changes. Emotionally it’s just very hard. For us, it’s more than their medical and physical needs, it’s about providing compassion and care as well during this time because that’s so important to their well-being. So we’re everything to them and we’re working hard to keep everyone safe.”

Read the full article here: https://www.nwitimes.com/news/sadie-urbanski-cna-rn-bna-oak-grove-christian-retirement-village/article_05447385-7ec1-5209-bc38-913326bdf97c.html

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