Life at Golden Years Homestead

Golden Years Stories

Getting Herself Back to Normal

"Getting myself back to normal seemed to really be their main goal."

Fantastic Recovery after COVID-19

"My recovery has been fantastic; I’ve improved so much and I feel ALIVE!"  

Erma Looks for Peace & Quiet

Erma loves that there is a huge selection of activities - and that she can pick and choose!

LaDonna and Paul Stop by Golden Years

LaDonna and Paul saw an advertisement in the newspaper that the new units at Golden Years were being built, so they decided to drive by and see for themselves.


HTS Partners with Brewery to Provide Hand Sanitizer for Indiana Skilled Nursing Communities

HTS Partners with the Hoosier Brewing Company, donates 4 gallons of hand sanitizer to the campuses of Golden Years, Greencroft Goshen, Oak Grove, Southfield Village and Hamilton Grove.

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