Southfield Village Stories

Sharing a Caring Spirit

There is no way around it – this year has been difficult for all of us. Residents, their families, and our staff have all felt the impact of this challenging time. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought to a standstill all things considered normal, especially at senior living communities. 

Through all the hardship and uncertainty in our world today, we have found hope, happiness, and generosity through the support of each of the communities in which our campuses are located. There are many stewards of hope surrounding our campuses, and we have felt their collective compassion over these many months.  

We are thankful for the many caring volunteers who made masks for our staff and residents. These protective masks help keep everyone in our facilities safe, and it seems that our crafty staff, residents, and local community members pulled out their sewing machines before we could even ask for help. Many of our staff members took selfies with their handmade masks, and even though you can’t see their mouths or noses, you can tell that each of them is smiling with gratitude. 

Our residential communities wanted to make sure that residents were happy and engaged in activities even with required restrictions. Local communities coordinated various parades for everyone to enjoy. This included a Mother’s Day parade at Edgewater Place so residents and families could celebrate this special holiday while remaining safe. A parade of automobiles was organized at Greencroft Goshen by Ron Southern so that residents could set up lawn chairs and watch an eclectic mix of classic and modern cars cruising through the community. The most popular of these parades included local children holding signs out of car windows with messages of love and support for our residents.

The local children around many of our communities made beautifully handcrafted cards, paintings, and other crafts with encouraging messages for our residents. Other community members delivered flowers, snacks, posters, and yard signs to show their support. We even had local musicians stop by to share their music in a different way. Clair Besse was gracious enough to sing outside of one of our entrances as we streamed his music through the building’s sound system for residents to enjoy.  

Although our residential communities have enjoyed a great deal of support from their local communities, there has been strong support within each campus as well. Residents of Greencroft Goshen presented each team member with a Martin’s Super Market gift certificate to thank them for their work and the care they provide each day. One Oak Grove resident shared her love of music by singing throughout the hallways on her campus community. It seemed as if she knew the words to every Broadway musical song, which brought with it a smile and a wonderful memory. Julie Thompson, Leisure and Wellness Director at Southfield Village, dressed as a clown to brighten everyone’s day as she delivered packages. Try not smiling with her in the hallway!

These are just a few examples of the heartwarming support provided by residents, families, local businesses, and staff. The thoughtfulness and generosity expressed by each of these stewards of hope is a reminder that all of our Greencroft and affiliate communities make up a family with a commitment to love and support each other. This uncertain time has brought with it a demonstration of how truly blessed we are.

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