Meet the Director

Welcome to Greencroft Middlebury!

First, thank you for taking the time to read a brief note from me about our Middlebury campus. I have fought the urge (the temptation of any true millennial) to simply write about myself but I hope you’ll sense the appreciation I have for the town of Middlebury and the hopes I have for us as a retirement community.

I moved to Indiana with bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Sociology and prior experience in the social work field and in facility management. I operated a hotel and a baseball sports complex each on the North Shore of Boston and managed properties for a low-income housing nonprofit near Boston. I have a deep respect for social work but through my various work experiences, I discovered rather quickly that I had a greater desire to be in operations. In affirmation of this pursuit, I completed a Workplace Theology, Ethics and Leadership program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and later an MBA from Bethel University. This additional formal education and work experience helped pinpoint business and facility management as the right combination of my experience, skill set and personality.GM DeLuca Family 20191128

My family initially moved to Middlebury in 2015 with hopes that Indiana would be something like the town Hickory from the movie Hoosiers: a small, quiet and hardworking town with proud and loyal citizens. To steal a thought from a favorite author, G.K. Chesterton, my family wanted to live in a community where people were invested enough in their town that they wanted to change it, and yet loved it enough to think it worth changing. I do feel that this describes Middlebury and by extension what we desire for our Greencroft Middlebury community.

As a Greencroft community our aim is hopefulness. The greater community of Middlebury is already full of vibrant individuals and families that want to see each other thrive. The community has a drive to extend the reach of their support and loving touch to those that need it most. We see Greencroft Middlebury as a part of this. We make every effort to be a continuing care retirement community that invites our residents to continue engaging with our community. We want to inspire hope that recognizes that change for the collective good is possible! This inspired hope is not sheer blind optimism but it draws from our life experiences and builds upon an understanding of our own gifts and limitations. Ultimately, it is our faith in a good and redemptive God that allows us to have hope in all circumstances, including any challenges that manifest themselves in the aging process. Thankfully, the compassion of the man of Jesus and the ultimate reality of his resurrection and redeeming work can foster a language of hope. At Greencroft Middlebury, establishing this vocabulary of hope is what can help lead us to a deeper peace and a more genuine community that reflects the kingdom of heaven.

Tim DeLuca, Director of Greencroft Middlebury