Living and Care Options

We all know aging comes with a variety of worries. Perhaps the biggest one is that we don’t know exactly what we will need or when we’ll need it.

It’s tempting to put off thinking about getting older and needing help. Tempting – but not practical. One thing we know for sure is that there’s a lot less to worry about when you have a plan.

Our living and care options range from at-home care and independent homes and apartments to our assisted living and healthcare (skilled nursing) facilities.

You may never need extra care, but there’s enormous peace of mind in knowing that if you ever do, you won’t have to leave your community to find it.

Explore your many options at Great Lakes.

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Condo Living

Condo Living is perfect for people over 55 looking for maintenance-free housing, a bustling community of peers, and long-term stability for housing.

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Apartment Living

Apartment Living is an independent living facility with some assisted service options.