Great Lakes Christian Homes Stories

Gwen Finds a Home Close to Family at Great Lakes

Gwen Henry was searching for a comfortable place to settle down somewhere close to her daughter. After much research, Gwen found that Great Lakes Independent Villages were an answer to her prayer.

"Here at Great Lakes, you have nothing you have to worry about. They work with you and connect you to the resources you need, just because they care. Everyone takes time for you when you're in need, and both the residents and staff that I have met are very supportive. Once, I didn't have enough postage for a letter. The postal carrier just took it and found a stamp for me, no questions asked. There was once an issue with my dishwasher and maintenance took care of it before I even had to think about who to call!"

Gwen is grateful that she found a cozy home close to her family, and that her life has only become easier in the process.

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