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Izzy’s Treasures Support Greencroft


When you walk into the Annual Bazaar at Southfield Village, you are sure to encounter the creations of Isabel (Izzy) Stickely. Colorful pincushions shaped like flowers decorate Izzy’s booth, along with a sign that says All proceeds go to the Southfield Village Residents Assistance Fund. Each year, Izzy sells between 30 and 35 pincushions at the Bazaar, donating all of the money back to Southfield Village. 

Izzy moved into the villas at Southfield Village about eight and a half years ago, when her husband was moving into the Skilled Nursing Unit. Four and a half years ago, when she began to require more assistance, she moved into an apartment in the Arbors. 

She loves living at Southfield.

“I love the people and the food is good. The thing is, if I want to be alone, I can be alone. There is a lot of freedom,” she says. “And it takes a load of my kids’ mind,” she adds. 

Pincushions are not her only craft. Izzy also pieces quilt tops that the weekly women’s sewing group finishes and knots. These quilts are sent to Haiti and countries in Africa to help those in need. 

“My mother made all our clothes growing up,” she says. “It was just natural that I learn, in fact, I’m still using her sewing machine.”

Izzy has made many quilts throughout her years for her kids and grandkids. Throughout the years, completely quilts and bigger pieces have become more difficult. Quilt tops and pincushions are a wonderful way for her to continue doing what she loves. 

When asked where she learned to make her signature pin cushions, she explains that she learned from a friend’s church group. Years back, she tagged along with a friend to her church group preparing for their own bazaar. They were making pincushions. Izzy immediately thought to herself - I could do that. Ever since then, she has made and sold her very own pincushions. In addition to selling them at the Bazaar, she also sells them to friends and residents, who buy them as gifts. 

When not spending time sewing, Izzy enjoys playing Solitaire, working on crossword and jigsaw puzzles, and playing dominoes with her friends. 

“I keep reason not to!” she says, cheerfully.

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