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Hamilton Grove Rehab Patient Returns Home

HG Therapy Patient







Pictured bottom left to right: Mary Alice, Nicole. Top left to right: Rona (our amazing rehab nurse), Becky, Lillian, Katelyn.


Lillian 'Joy' Milliken, along with the Hamilton Grove Therapy and nursing team, are celebrating a successful recovery!  

Lillian was admitted to Hamilton Grove for short-stay rehabilitation after a total hip replacement. 

"I have improved a lot and have really come a long way. Before, I couldn't even get my own feet in the bed and could barely move my leg because of the pain and weakness. Now, I do everything for myself. I learned new techniques with adaptive equipment to get dressed so I don't break my hip precautions. I didn't realize how much I needed to bend to do things and now I'm not supposed to. The therapy has been very good and I'm pleased.  I get to go back home!”

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