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Families take care of each other. That’s how we operate at Walnut Hills.

As a nonprofit organization rooted in faith, we believe deeply that serving others is our calling. That's why our community set up a way for residents, friends, and family to help others live life to the fullest. The Walnut Hills Foundation gives us the additional means to take care of residents and employees who need a little extra help or a helping hand. All funds given to the Walnut Hills Foundation go to help those who need it at the Walnut Hills campus. 

When you give to our Foundation, you make it possible for us to provide financial aid to individuals as well as expand our programs to serve more people. Over the years, the Foundation has also supported enhancements to our nature trails, upgrades to the campus and services, and continuing education for our staff. 

Taking care of people is our calling. If you'd like to help us do even more, make a contribution to the Walnut Hills Foundation.

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